May 24, 2017

Feedback, anyone?

It's been kind of lonely here lately. I got an occasional comment now and then, but recently I got basically no feedback so I wonder if anyone is reading my blog any longer or the readers are just robots from Russia.

If you happen to read my blog more or less regularly, please make a comment and let me know if you practice zazen, if you study with a teacher or something. I have really no idea who reads my blog, why, where, etc. I do get quite a lot of hits, but as I said, no idea who the people are. So it would help a lot if you tell me something so I get a kick and write for someone, not just myself or this computer or robots.

Thank you.      


Unknown said...

Hi Roman,

Yes, I practise zazen; teacher Mike L. I guess; London, UK. Sorry no time this morning to write more. I wish you well.


roman said...

Thank you, Dave, so I got a reader in you. That's great.

Al said...


I've read your blog basically since you started it. I enjoy it, so please keep it up!


roman said...

Thank you Al. I will.

Ben said...

I've been reading your blog for a little over a year now. I always really enjoy the content. Keep up the good work!!


roman said...

Thank you, Ben.